Preferred Service Providers

Check out our preferred partners below.

Accounting CPA

Contact: Trish Beckwith
Phone: 831-661-0665
Phone: 831-429-5710

Appliance Service and Repair

Contact: Chris
Phone: 831-464-2626


Contact: William Kempf
Phone: 831-459-0951

Carpet Cleaning Service

Contact: Victor Newberry
Phone: 831-588+3064

Cleaning Services

Contact: Jesus Leal
Phone: 831-768-7279
Phone: 831-535-2312

Construction and Builders

Contact: Miguel Duran
Phone: 831-512-7903
Contact: Dave Davis
Phone: 831-464-8096
Contact: Spence Nutter
Phone: 831-818-2509

Finance and Mortgage

Contact: Dave Rocco DeTeso
Phone: 831-466-2625
Alt. Phone: 831-234-1045
Contact: Scott Goodrich
Phone: 831-462-3630
Alt. Phone: 831-325-3637
Contact: Brandon Knapp
Phone: 4085833205

Flooring Services

Contact: Jana Ashley
Phone: 831-429-8221

Hardwood Floors

Contact: Brian Gardner
Phone: 831-818-9725
Contact: Kevin Knight
Phone: 831-688-5277


Contact: Carlos Diaz
Phone: 831-460-0237

Inspection Services

Contact: David Aronovici
Phone: 831-439-1700
Alt. Phone: 831-247-3707
Servicing Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County an... Read More
Contact: Ray Barrs
Phone: 831-442-9230
Alt. Phone: 831-970-8479
Contact: Bob Williams
Phone: 831-335-2090

Land Development

Contact: Chris Perri
Phone: 831-464-3380


Phone: 831-462-6045
Phone: 831-438-4904

Painting Contractor

Phone: 831-427-8179
Contact: James Naruo
Phone: 831-588-5640

Pest Control

Contact: Ray Barrs
Phone: 831-442-9230
Alt. Phone: 831-970-8479
Phone: 1-831-234-1549
Contact: Greg
Phone: 831-809-7348

Planning Permits and Drafting

Contact: Robin Alaga
Phone: 831-419-4919
Contact: Charlie Eadie
Phone: 831-431-3396
Phone: 831-566-3062


Contact: Mario Capetillo
Phone: 831-466-0108

Roofing Contractor

Phone: 831-768-8923

Septic Engineering Serices

Contact: Ryan Fox
Phone: 831-531-7205

Septic Services

Phone: 831-475-0959
Alt. Phone: 831-688-1564

Soils Engineer

Contact: Becky Dees
Phone: 831-427-1770

Solar Installation

Phone: 831-359-6891
SOLAR IN SANTA CRUZ: Sunpower panels are highest r... Read More

Structural Engineer

Contact: Tim Wang
Phone: 831-479-1513

Tree Services

Phone: 831-247-4713
Contact: Erik Pegoda
Phone: 831-359-0303

Well Drilling

Contact: Aaron Lingemann
Phone: 831-423-3288

Well Services

Phone: 831-688-7867